About Us


OUR MISSION: Invigorate our clients’ individual athletic and wellness ecosystems by offering technology-advanced, safe, and non-invasive modalities to promote natural healing, body strength, maximized athletic performance, fast recovery, and overall health.

Cerulean Advanced Fitness and Wellness is the nation’s first independent center offering a wide range of state-of-the-art modalities that promote and enable the human body’s under tapped physiological ability to…

  • Prepare Better
  • Perform Harder
  • Recover Faster
  • Be Stronger
  • Look Better
  • Heal Faster
  • Feel Better

… than ever before. Our unique and all-around lifestyle program allows our clients to unlock their true potential and live their best physical life.

physiological-chartOur 8,000 square foot Scottsdale facility offers a suite of body conditioning, radical physical training, and recovery methods and technologies that, up until now, have typically been scarce or reserved to top and professional athletes in their quest for body strength, ultimate health, peak performance and fast recovery time. These are now accessible to all within one facility.  

For years, coaches, trainers and players have unlocked their potential with a mix of these progressive wellness practices, and now it’s your turn.

Whether you’re an athlete looking to perform better than ever before or struggling thru a post-surgery/post-injury recovery process, or just a person dealing with chronic or transient pain, or simply an individual with the desire and commitment to live and feel your best on a day- to-day basis, CERULEAN fuses the science of sports integrative medicine and the art of wellness to cultivate the most advanced lifestyle programs available today.

Introducing: A new way of life  –   A new way to live  –   A new path to wellness.