Experience more from your workouts. Elevate Your Workouts to 6,500 Feet – 9,000 Feet Above Sea Level!

Introducing the Only Mask-Free Altitude Fitness Facility in Arizona. Whether you aspire to train like an Olympian or simply want to burn more calories in less time and bring more intensity to your workouts, Altitude Fitness Workouts at CERULEAN can help you workout HARDER and SMARTER.

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Join our altitude fitness classes in the largest, independent “mask-free” altitude training room in the U.S. Exercising at altitude can substantially boost the body’s oxygen transport and metabolic systems through natural increases in red blood cells and increased cellular efficiency. Altitude training will help burn an average of 30-50% more calories while also improving stamina and endurance. Altitude training also yields benefits several hours after your workout, as your body’s metabolism continues to burn more calories during the excess-post exercise oxygen consumption phase (EPOC).

First Session: FREE
Single Session: $35
5 Session Package: $160
10 Session Package: $300

Monthly Unlimited: $225

  • Unlimited Workout/Classes
  • 4 x 30 minutes cellular health & recovery sessions ($120 value)




This Spin class is not your traditional spin class, it incorporates the type the types of workouts that competitive cyclists do on the road using the world renowned WattBike!  If you have wanted to take the convenience of an indoor spin class to the level of actual road bike training for weight-loss, muscle sculpting and overall endurance and power, this is the class for you!  We take the fun concept of spin and apply the workouts that make road cyclists lean racing machines.  The WattBike is unlike any spin bike you’ve ever tried.  It uses functional true to life cycling skills to engage more muscles without hurting your knees.  Its real “road feel” and accuracy makes it the indoor training choice of professional cyclists around the world!  Whether you are working on your cycling skills or just want a killer workout, SpinCycle will challenge your athleticism and bring your fitness goals to a new level!


Working in teams, partners and as one crew, Indo-Row® provides a TRANSFORMATIVE total-body workout that challenges the body and focuses the mind. The unique format of Indo-Row® captures all the elements of competitive, on-water rowing, creating a class that is fast-paced and engaging from the first minute. From “Skills and Drills” to “Waves and Recoveries,” and the final build up to a friendly but competitive “Race,” Indo-Row® quickly converts first-timers to devoted team members.  Indo-Row® is designed specifically for first-time rowers, no experience is necessary. Indo-Rowers burn calories, sculpt muscle and enjoy a fun interval workout in a uniquely motivating, team-oriented fitness environment.

Shockwave “The Ultimate Bootcamp”

Dubbed by the media as “the most efficient total-body workout in the world,” Shockwave is extreme cross-training at its best!  This circuit challenge utilizes a specially designed WaterRower machine to provide short-burst, high-intensity, calorie-torching intervals along with functional strength and sculpting stations designed to target and chisel the legs, the core and the arms.  You will find yourself working harder than you ever imagined because of the camaraderie, friendly team competition and motivation designed to push you to your max effort and provide extreme results!

Indo-Row/Shockwave Mash-up

This class is the condensed version of a full Indo-Row class with the most important elements highlighted.  You will safely warm up the body with a short workout of dynamic rowing drills and instruction while preparing for the high intensity interval training of the Shockwave Class.  This class flies by in 50 minutes of intense exercise with a little more hands on instruction for those who have never experienced a rowing class.  Expect a fun, quick-paced class for all levels and abilities!


Gentle Stretch Yoga

Unwind and experience mountain-top yoga…that is yoga that takes you to the altitude of mountain peaks to load the body’s adaptation ability.  This means you will burn more calories than a typical yoga class while placing no additional impact on the joints!  You will be lead through a series of poses that will safely stretch out the muscles in a focused environment that intensifies breathing and ability at new heights.  Don’t let the word “gentle” fool you; all levels will be challenged to maximize flexibility with deep stretch posing.

Yoga Flow

This is a heart pumping yoga workout that utilizes fluid movement to stimulate small and large muscle groups as a means to strengthen balance, activate the core and provide overall stability. Our Flow workout advances traditional yoga posing with cardio elements to increase stamina, muscle toning and comprehensive strength.  This class works best for intermediate to advanced participants with yoga experience to enhance the quick paced flow between poses.



Experience the WOD (workout of the day)!  Come join an ever changing dynamic workout that will maximize fat burning and performance with different equipment, style and sequencing based off the trainer’s discretion.  This is an intense workout for highly motivated individuals who thrive on change!  Make your workout an adventure by diversifying equipment, challenges, and what’s expected of your body.  You will use everything from TRX, hurdles, jump ropes, free weights and MORE to achieve your best body EVER! Provisions made for all fitness levels.