Altitude Training

Prepare to perform and feel your best at elevated altitudes.

For anyone planning an extended stay at altitude, a heli-skiing vacation, a rigorous climb, or preparing to compete at higher elevation.

80% of individuals traveling above 12,000 feet report symptoms associated with altitude sickness, including nausea, headaches and decreased ability to function. CERULEAN’s unique “Altitude Acclimation Programs” can help you be prepared. Our exceptional “mask-free” altitude training room is the largest in the U.S. Specifically developed programs help you train against the common symptoms of acute mountain sickness in order to prepare the body to function and perform when oxygen levels are reduced. Plus, exercising at altitude can substantially boost oxygen transport and metabolic systems through natural increases in red blood cells and increased cellular efficiency.

Our medical-grade testing provides the necessary physiological aptitude baseline feedback to help design a completely individualized program that will ensure a successful and safe stay at altitude, providing the foundation for your success and updates your progress as you move forward.

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Altitude Acclimation Training Package

Essentials Acclimation Package

4 week training package for $295*

This Altitude Acclimation package will prepare you for a moderate climb or altitude stay above 9,000 feet.

  • Intermittent Hypoxic Therapy (12 x 30-minute sessions)

At high altitudes, there is less oxygen available requiring the body to adapt to the new environment at the cellular level. Intermittent Hypoxic Therapy (IHT) can simulate the oxygen-poor environment that you will experience on your trip, which will allow for improved performance, comfort and significantly decreased prevalence of symptoms associated with acute mountain sickness. This program does not provide everything needed for those who will be rigorously competing at high altitudes.


Accelerated Acclimation Package

4 week training package for $395*

This Acclimation Package is ideal for preparing for a rigorous climb or active altitude stay above 9,000 feet or competition at or above 4,000 feet.

  • Altitude Fitness Workouts at 9,000 feet unlimited for four weeks
  • Intermittent Hypoxic Therapy (12 x 30-minute sessions)

CERULEAN hosts the only mask-free altitude training room in Arizona. By training at high altitudes similar to what you will experience on your trip, you can begin to understand the demands of the environment you will be traveling to, as well as allow your body to begin the pre-acclimation process. By also combining IHT with the altitude training classes, you will be able to rapidly prepare for the arduous demands associated with high altitude.


Ultimate Acclimation Package

4 week training package for $695*

This Acclimation package provides the ultimate preparation for an extreme climb or high-level competition at altitude of 9,000 feet and up.

  • Altitude Fitness Workouts at 9,000 feet unlimited for four week
  • Intermittent Hypoxic Therapy (12 x 30-minute sessions)
  • Dynamic Hypobaric Conditioning Therapy (16 x 20-minute sessions)

CERULEAN’s 4-Week Ultimate Preparation Package was specially designed for those who want to condition and acclimate their bodies for rigorous activity at high altitudes. By implementing the Adaptive Conditioning Hypobaric Therapy in conjunction with Intermittent Hypoxic Therapy, we are able to continually challenge the body to adapt at a cellular level, translating to countless benefits that will improve performance, overall wellness, and environmental adaptability.

Although the goal of both modalities is to induce hypoxia similar to that you will experience on a climb or a stay at high altitude, the method in which it is accomplished is very different. The POD simulates changes in altitude through the manipulation of pressure, whereas IHT manipulates the actual chemistry of the air that you are breathing (decreased partial pressure O2 consistent with high altitude).


*Package price does not include the one-time purchase of a personal breathing mask