golf-1AZ Golf Association Recovery Specials

Have you noticed that your back swing is causing back pain? And that teeing off is not as easy as it once was?

Don’t be one of those golfers who lets back pain decrease the time they play golf, ultimately resulting in the end to your golf game.  Let the qualified staff at Cerulean Advanced Fitness and Wellness.

At Cerulean we have the tools to help you tee off seamlessly. We have partnered with Arizona Golf Association to bring golfers, of all ages and skill sets, a one of a kind approach to better performance, recovery, and overall wellness.

back-painThere are 5 main problems that hinder performance for golfers:

1. Back Pain
2. Knee Pain
3. Tendonitis–shoulder, elbow, foot or ankle
4. Arthritis
5. Rotator Cuff/Bursitis (shoulder pain)

golf-2The technology behind the services offered at Cerulean help treat these common problems using an all-natural, non-invasive path to total health and wellness.

By utilizing our specialized treatments:

Whole Body & Localized Arctic Cryotherapy
Sport Recovery Compression
Cellular Repair Therapy

Help your body fight inflammation, aches, pains, or soreness from the inside out. The results you can experience may be improved range of motion, reduced pain and risk of injury.

At Cerulean we provide the technology and your body uses the necessary tools and systems needed to fully recover. Athletes will have less pain, which improves performance and increases the longevity of your golf playing.

Golf Monthly
Recovery Membership

(unlimited sessions on a one per day basis)
(1) month $399, (3) month commitment: $349/month

Golf Weekly
Recovery Package

$149 (unlimited sessions on a one per day basis)

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