fb-starsAs you’ve gone through our website, we’ve been telling you all about us, what we do and why our services are so great, but here’s where you can hear from real people – actual CERULEAN clients! Want to leave a review or read additional reviews? Visit our Facebook page!

“Cerulean has played an integral part in my return to long distance running. The Altitude Training and Hypobaric Conditioning Therapy has given me the boost I need in my conditioning and the Cryotherapy and Compression Therapy has been key to quick recovery. To top it off, the staff is wonderful! I would highly recommend Cerulean to anyone looking for top-notch conditioning and recovery!”

Cynthia Sassi

“I had my follow up VO2 Max testing today at CERULEAN. VO2 Max is up 4% and more importantly for my sport- cycling; Aerobic Threshold is up 17%! Since I began training and teaching cycle in their altitude room this past January, I am riding less miles than I did last year, which proves the point that a 50 min ride is equal to 80 minutes out on the road. Getting more out of doing less and my fitness level is continuing to increase. Love, love, love it!”

Renee Sacco

“Spent some time at CERULEAN Advanced Fitness and Wellness today! We are ‘Rebuilding The Beast’ from the cellular level up!! Thanks Kevin, for having me be a part of such a revolutionary endeavor!!”

Don Yates


“I entered my first Triathlon that just happened to be in Flagstaff, which is at an altitude of 7,500 feet. After chatting with Melissa during a massage, I decided with only two weeks till race day that I would try to increase my endurance at altitude by going to CERULEAN. I participated in their Altitude Fitness spin class (the room is set to 9,500 foot elevation), used the Hypobaric Pod, did Cryotherapy, and IHT (Intermittent Hypoxic Training). The first week I went up to run in Flagstaff, I could hardly make 1/3 mile without having to stop and gather my breath. After the first week at CERULEAN, I was able to run the entire 5K without stopping. I’m happy to say that I completed my first triathlon and won second place for my age group!”

Alta Beth Felix

“Really pushes your development. Staff is amazing!”

Ken Mantay

“As a Master’s Level Registered Dietitian, the only way to describe the experience at one of the world’s most advanced Athletic Performance Institutes is AMAZING! The actionable data they provide and the diverse range of services leave no question as to why CERULEAN is one-of-a-kind! Huge shout out to the staff and owner of CERULEAN. I can’t wait to come back and refer clients to such a state-of-the-art place with fantastic people!!!”

Jeff Edwards

“Best ever! Love the service. Love the technology. Any athlete who really wants to
increase his or her performance will want to visit CERULEAN.”

Ben Dodge


“My physician suggested I come to CERULEAN because of a very specific immune system issue, loss of energy and overall inflammation. The dynamic hypobaric pod has been the primary modality that I have used. The other bullpen modalities and the Whole Body Cryotherapy are also beneficial and amazing! I had blood work taken before I started at CERULEAN, and then 6 weeks later that proves the efficacy of the dynamic hypobaric pod. I also feel incredible. I am always met with smiles and welcomed by name as I walk through the doors. This is a state-of-the-art facility. CERULEAN’S staff treats every one with equal importance whether they are an exceptional athlete or someone like me who is motivated to be well. Thank you, Fabrice, for having the vision of such a wonderful facility. I highly recommend CERULEAN.”

Jenny Magary

“I went to CERULEAN today to do a ShockWave workout. It rocked! The instructor made the time fly by, the moves were easy to understand yet kicked my butt. I’d highly suggest checking out this facility to get your buns in gear for the fast approaching summer. What a fun, positive and energetic atmosphere in a beautiful facility. After the workout, I did a 3.5 minute cryotherapy session in the Cryosauna, couldn’t have been a better finish to my workout! Thanks, Melissa and team, for giving me a kick butt workout and a great start to my Monday.”

Jessica Johnson

“Amazing facility and staff. I feel amazing after doing whole body cryotherapy. Everyone is so knowledgeable and helpful. Definitely recommend to everyone who is looking to improve their health from the inside out.”

Danielle Kahn

“Not only do I feel like a million bucks every time I walk in here, but the staff knows my name, works around my schedule, are super helpful, professional athletes, and the nicest people you’ll ever meet at a gym! The workouts are amazing and catered to you; it’s like having your own personal trainer every time. The classes are small with all levels, so the intimidation factor is zero. Plus, after your workout, the rest of the place is basically a holistic, futuristic spa, so be prepared to be awed by this facility and the people! Love, love, love this place!”

Rejoice O’Morgan

“Amazing facility with a knowledgeable staff. Kevin took me through physiological testing and he really knows the science behind not only the methods they use but the science behind fitness and/or longevity improvement.”

Del LeVasseur

“My buddy introduced me to Cerulean. I love the concept of the membership based cryotherapy ($299 monthly) as it’s significantly less expensive and more convenient than the traditional cryotherapy spas I’ve been to in the past.  I also dig all of the other cool therapies they have available. Check this place out if you’re into any sort of non traditional remedies.”

Kevin Kaufman

“Cerulean is the best. I have had a horrendous summer due to a recent knee injury. When I walked into Cerulean I was amazed by their amount of technology and the alternative programs and services they had to offer. Their staff is super friendly and professional. At first I was overwhelmed with the prices, but it truly is a good investment for healing my knee and my overall health. Started out with spot-cryo which helped tremendously and now, pair full body arctic-cryo with spot treatment shortly after. Highly recommend to anyone looking for therapeutic help.”

Drew Moore