Ignite your corporate wellness with
the power of precision wellness.


time to rethink corporate wellness and fitness


Whether you are an employer or a prospective corporate channel partner, how do you ensure that the wellness program(s) that you currently have deployed or that you are considering will have the most value and return on investment for your company/client? Done right, the program under consideration will provide a safe, predictive and meaningful impact on the health and well-being of all participating employees.

Return On Investment (ROI)

  • Manage or reduce health care costs
  • Reduce the number of sick days (absenteeism)
  • Reduce worker’s compensation claims
  • Manage/reduce disability claims
  • Reduce employee turnover

Value On Investment (VOI)

  • Improve wellness culture
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Reduce employee health risks
  • Reduce stress & improve employee morale
  • Reduce burnouts
  • Boost business performance

*All biometric testing provided is medical-grade rated and non-invasive and does not require blood draw

Since we know that old ways won’t open new doors, it is essential to rethink the approach to corporate wellness in order to revive corporate wellness. Our programs do just that. They produce quantifiable and unparalleled baseline biometric* information for each employee, along with a completely individualized “path to success” plan. Our plans encompass periodic outcome quantification to objectively measure the program impact on each employee and its impact on all participating employees as a whole. The programs are designed to induce employee behavioral lifestyle changes and promote a wellness culture across the participants and the organization.

CERULEAN’s approach to health, wellness and fitness is a paradigm shift from traditional programs by embedding the approach of Precision Medicine (PM) into its biometric* driven wellness programs. The approach is designed to produce predictive and objective outcomes in a completely individualized approach. Our programs also provide the management and the executive team with a report of the overall impact of the program, on a “before and after” group basis.




At CERULEAN, our programs are the antidote to subjective and generic “one size fits all” programs. We leverage medical-grade and non-invasive biometric technology to offer a unique, comprehensive, science based and completely individualized approach to health, wellness, fitness and prevention of lifestyle related diseases. Our approach enables each employee to truly understand and visualize their health, and allows them to follow data-driven individualized lifestyle adjustment recommendations that are set to produce predictive results.


Modeled after Precision Medicine (PM), this program provides unparalleled data-driven and completely individualized guidance to wellness and fitness.

boost cognitive

Our program tackles basic cognitive function efficacy to help employees being more alert and less fatigue and also helps improve basic organ function, thereby stimulating better overall health and improving immune system strength.

reduce stress
and burnouts

Our program looks at the Autonomic Nervous System balance to help tackle stress and burnouts and reduce employee under-productivity.