Featured Partner: Bike Accident Attorneys

BAA-HorizontalWe want you! Our team has enjoyed a wonderful association with some of the best people out there who also happen to be good cyclists. We are proud to have fun first and compete second. We race in all 5 categories. We have a Men’s and Women’s team. We even have several kids racing with us as well.

We are always looking to strengthen our team by adding additional cyclists. It doesn’t matter if you have never raced competitively before. Our team has fun everywhere we go and in every race we ride! For the most part we are all moms and dads, employees or employers long before we are cyclists. We bike to have fun and we have fun biking. We have raced in some epic events and have done very well. We have a history of wining and a history of just showing up to have fun. Regardless of whether you want to be the best out there or just want a good group of fun friends, our team is likely a good fit. All are welcome. We do not exclude.

The official Bike Accident Attorneys Racing Team was established in 2014. The team is registered with USA Cycling and we compete in national and local events. The team exists to bring a greater awareness to the bike wrecks we all face as cyclists. Our team kits each year are bright and highly visible for this purpose. The law firm exists for one purpose and that is to help our fellow cyclists. In a way, the racing team reflects everything the law firm stands for and racing on the team is a privilege. Each team kit is especially and custom manufactured for our team with high visibility colors. One motto we live by is: Be seen or be hit.