Body Composition Test

Whether the goal is athletic performance, natural wellness, weight loss, longevity or vitality, understanding your cellular health and physiological fitness levels are critical to successfully meeting your objectives.

As complex as this may sound, this can be easily accomplished through a series of non-invasive tests that provide a baseline to enable a data-driven approach to wellness, longevity or athletic performance, aligned to your body’s individualized needs, and your objectives.

CERULEAN offers two series of medical grade tests, Physio360 and Cellular360, that respectively measure essential and predictive biomarkers in the body.

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 We use state-of-the-art medical-grade equipment and all our technicians have undergone rigorous training in order to ensure that the accuracy of results are  comparable to those delivered in medical practices, medical spas, physiology labs or hospitals for medical purpose.


Body Composition Analysis

6 reasons to get tested and to know YOUR numbers

  • Get informed on your inner body, which is as critical to your success as the engine is to a racecar.

  • Allows you to understand your starting point based on quantitative data rather than how you feel or how you think the path forward should be.

  • Let’s you avoid generic solutions to the highly individualized requirements of your body.

  • So you can get specific fitness, exercise and diet recommendations that are tailored to your own body. These are likely to generate predictive results because the intricacies of your inner body have been taken into consideration in the development of the plan.

  • You can benefit from quantitative positive reinforcement over time.

  • Enables you to confirm efficacy of regimen in place or make data-driven adjustments as you go.

Physio360: $295

CERULEAN Physio360 test series provides in-depth understanding of your cardiovascular system, as well as individualized metabolic needs in terms of macro- and micronutrients. CERULEAN’s Physio360 physiological assessment delivers a comprehensive diagnostic test with easy-to-understand recommendations that would otherwise require a referral to a pulmonologist, cardiologist and nutritionist. The series of tests includes:


Cellular360: $85

CERULEAN Cellular360 test series uses the most accurate bioelectrical impedance technology of its kind to deliver a thorough and individualized cellular health assessment with determination of deficiencies, to help adjust lifestyle choices, sustain health span and vitality, lower the risk of chronic and degenerative medical conditions and help drive overall longevity and healthspan. The series of tests includes: