Altitude training is a popular and well-established technique that many athletes utilize in order to gain a competitive edge. At high altitudes, there is decreased partial pressure of oxygen, which induces a physiological response known as hypoxia, or low arterial oxygen saturation. In response to hypoxia, the body will increase production of the hormone known as erythropoietin (EPO), which is responsible for the production of red blood (oxygen-carrying) cells. Increased red blood cell count equates to improved endurance, recovery time, as well as, increased caloric expenditure during exercise, upwards of 150% for those looking for enhanced fitness or those trying to lose weight more rapidly. Athletes will see improved performance both at higher altitude and at sea level, as a result of these physiological adaptations.

Traditionally, altitude training has been reserved to committed athletes and required lengthy and costly trips to locations such as Flagstaff or Colorado. Today it can be practiced and experienced in the largest mask-free altitude training center in the nation or by integrating Dynamic Hypobaric Adaptive Conditioning Therapy or Intermittent Hypoxic Therapy into any current athletic training regimen or any individual fitness or weight loss goals. Exercising at altitude is the most effective way to exercise and to get amplified results.

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