Experience the healing benefits of cold therapy while promoting your natural ability to heal and renew skin and muscles without any chemicals.

Originating in Europe and Japan over 30 years ago, cryotherapy is a non-invasive natural therapy that uses cold to trigger natural healing in the human body. This drug- free therapy offers benefits from athletic performance and recovery, to pain management, healing, beauty and wellness.

CERULEAN is the most advanced facility in Arizona to offer this in-demand natural wellness treatment as an effective way to take your health, well-being and fitness to an entirely new level.

CERULEAN offers Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy, Localized Arctic Cryotherapy and Arctic CryoFacials. The benefits are multiples and multifaceted from pain management to athletic recovery, to beauty, wellness and longevity. Please click on the three images above to learn more about the respective benefits of each cryotherapy modality.

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