CERULEAN’s unique “inside out” approach includes various modalities that focus on improving an individual’s health at the cellular level, which has benefits ranging from general wellness to optimizing athletic performance and recovery. As athletes, we constantly subject our bodies to high levels of stress with our training. Combating this stress and the toxic by-products of our aerobic and anaerobic metabolism is therefore a crucial, yet often overlooked, link needed to break plateaus and truly optimize athletic potential.

An example of a cellular level conditioning modality offered at CERULEAN is Intermittent Hypoxic Therapy, which manipulates the chemistry of oxygen in order to induce hypoxia, beginning a cascade of physiological events that leads to more red blood cells, hemoglobin and mitochondria. Following these adaptations, an athlete’s body is primed to utilize oxygen more effectively (improved VO2 max and anaerobic threshold), burn more fat, and rapidly recover following an exercise. Basically, this modality provides the main benefits of cardiovascular exercise but can be performed in an active or sedentary environment (avoids drawbacks of exercise, including stress on the joints or risk of injury) by focusing on improving cellular functionality.

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