CERULEAN’s Dynamic Hypobaric Conditioning Therapy uses a hypobaric, or low-pressure, “egg-shaped” POD that creates an atmospheric workload that challenges the body using natural and tolerable cycles of transient, pulsatile barometric change.

A 20-minute session consists of 300-400 cycles of altitude change, constantly challenging the cells in the body to become stronger and more efficient in terms of energy output and environmental adaptability. This adaptation effect adds a new and incremental dimension to any training or exercise regimen for optimizing metabolic efficiency.


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Dynamic Hypobaric Conditioning Therapy is beneficial for all, from elite athletes to those individuals suffering from chronic conditions.

  • Better oxygen utilization (increased serum EPO = more red blood cells for more efficient oxygen transport) resulting in:
    • Improved hemodynamic response (SpO2, heart rate, blood pressure)
    • Increased VO2max
  • Improved glycolytic energy production
  • Enhanced recovery time through improved metabolic waste removal
    • “Total Body Vasopneumatic Compression”
  • Effective lymphatic mobilization and drainage
  • Accelerated acclimatization & hemodynamic response to environment
  • Improved resistance to oxidative stress
    • Strengthened immune system
  • Flushing out of exhausted mitochondria (energy-producing cells) and accelerated proliferation of new mitochondria
    • Weakened mitochondria lose the ability to burn fat and rely on glucose as fuel, which produces a greater amount of oxidative stress
    • Weakened mitochondria can be attributed to roughly 90% of chronic degenerative conditions

For athletes, Dynamic Hypobaric Conditioning Therapy is especially shown to be beneficial when attempting to break an existing plateau or training for an upcoming competition. Increased EPO production yields improvements in VO2 max, translating to improved aerobic fitness capacity.

For individuals suffering of chronic pain, Dynamic Hypobaric Conditioning Therapy provides the benefits of traditional aerobic (improved oxygen utilization) and anaerobic (improved glycolytic energy production) exercise without joint stress, muscle tearing, lactic acid buildup or physical exertion and regardless of a person’s ability to exercise and resulting in a natural and drug-free complementary or alternative path to traditional pain management protocols and methods.

  • Improved metabolic removal
  • Healthy fluid flow through Blood vessels, Body tissue, Lymphatic vessels
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Positive impact on the body’s:
    • Stronger immune system
    • Improved endocrine balance
    • Better delivery of nutrients to the body
    • Improved oxygen utilization
    • Improved sleep
    • Improved feeling of alertness and mental acuity

Contradictions: Barotrauma, vertigo, or current cold/flu symptoms. Claustrophobia and inability to get in and out of the POD are also relative contraindications.

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