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CERULEAN offers state-of-the-art cellular health performance and recovery modalities essential to augment an athlete’s performance preparation regimen and to ultimately assist with optimum performance readiness on competition day. Our programs can help, regardless of the event taking place at sea-level or at high altitude and irrespective to the type of sport or an athlete skill level. CERULEAN has a preparation package for you!trainingpeople1

Acknowledging that all situations and each athlete are unique, each regimen must be adapted to provide optimum results. CERULEAN does not rely on a “one size fits all” approach. We tailor all of our packages to meet individualized needs. To do so, we highly recommended that the athlete first complete our comprehensive Physiological Fitness Testing in order to determine the individual baseline athletic level, metabolic needs (caloric requirements) and to help identify deficiencies in his or her current training regimen. Through methodological analysis of the testing results, a practice that has typically been reserved to elite and professional athletes, our staff members will tailor an individualized plan to meet optimum training, taking in consideration the athlete’s physical training and competition schedule. Our cellular level performance preparation programs begin with a minimum of (4) weeks but are most efficient with (8) week of preparation time. These programs can be extended or can be on-going as needed.

pedro-gomesCERULEAN is experienced in competition preparation for athletes of all sports and skill-levels, from those ready to complete their first 5K, to those competing at the IRONMAN World Championship or preparing for the Olympics, to high-School, collegiate or professional athletes preparing for an up-coming season in their respective sport or helping a fighter conditioned themselves for an upcoming UFC/MMA/boxing fight event.

Please call us or email us with your particular objectives and goals and let us show you how we can help.

As a testimony to our performance preparation abilities, please click on the link below to see Pedro Gomez results after training with us for (5) weeks in preparation for Ironman Canada 2016. Pedro was already one of the world top Triathletes before he came to us.

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