In addition to Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy, CERULEAN offers various modalities that focus on improving an individual’s health at the cellular level, which has benefits from general wellness to acute and chronic pain management. A common term associated with cellular health is oxidative stress, which increases as we age and is correlated with nearly every disease associated with aging.

CERULEAN’s Cellular Repair Therapy does not only halt oxidative stress levels from worsening, but actually decreases this biomarker and is therefore considered anti-aging in effect, equating to improved recovery, immune function, and nutrient absorption, just to name a few.

Lymphatic mobilization is another technique frequently employed to improve an individual’s cellular health, which is accomplished with Lower Body Compression Therapy or Dynamic Hypobaric Adaptive Conditioning Therapy. Lymphatic mobilization, also known as lymphatic drainage, is the gold-standard treatment for many inflammatory issues, chronic pain, and circulatory conditions following injury or surgery in order to significantly improve mobility and recovery time.

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