One of the most critical components of any training regimen is the recovery from the physical stress induced on the body during exercise or competition. Any training regimen that neglects proper recovery protocols induces the risk of “overdoing it” and potentially hindering performance, or even worse, may predispose the athlete for injury. Whether it would be following a competition, session of rigorous exercise or even after an injury/surgical procedure, CERULEAN offers the dynamic recovery and rehabilitation modalities necessary to optimize an athlete’s performance or get him or her back safely to competition repeatedly and faster.

For instance, combining Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy with Localized Arctic Cryotherapy, delivers a super circulatory effect that while hyper-nourish and oxygenate the blood, then deliver the rejuvenated blood rich in platelets to the specific area to get the body to recover up to 60% faster. Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy can also be combined with modalities such as Lower Body Compression Therapy for lymphatic drainage or the Anti-Gravity Training to significantly improve recovery time following an injury or surgery.

In pot-injury/surgery situations, it is common for mobility and activity to be limited; however recovery can be significantly improved when lymphatic mobilization consistent with movement and exercise can be reached. Our dynamic recovery modalities allow getting all of the benefits of lymphatic mobilization while sedentary, or in an anti-gravity environment when it is necessary to minimize discomfort and weight bearing on the legs.

Moreover, CERULEAN offer a suite of unique modalities to help maintain, regain or even increase cellular level conditioning during the physical recovery and rehabilitation period. CERULEAN is uniquely positioned to expedite the return to top performance during an athlete’s recovery and rehabilitation period by focusing on improving the individual’s health at the cellular level, a crucial link that is often discounted in accelerating returns to athletic performance.

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