CERULEAN’s approach to physiological testing and electroencephalography testing is based on the principal that data is power that can be leveraged when stepping on the field or returning to the field as an athlete or when the goal is to enjoy longevity and a healthy life.

Physiological Fitness Testing allows for an objective and data-driven approach to maintaining and optimizing an athlete’s performance and well-being, as well as managing the various risks associated with participating in athletics. Physiological Fitness testing is also a great tool to establish data driven fitness goals and nutrition recommendations for any individual looking for upmost effective exercising, staying in shape or losing weight. Our testing delivers an entirely individualized approach with tools that will help anyone train like the pros.

A healthy brain is as important as a healthy body. Concussions in sports are inevitable. Baseline and intermittent EEG testing allows for an objective approach to concussion management, and is supplementary to current neuropsychological tests that often misdiagnose and send many athletes back on the field prior to full recovery.

Comparison of baseline and recovery EEG’s is the only objective method of determining safe return-to-play, thereby avoiding the risk of 2nd impact syndrome.

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