Training with us is DEFINITELY different

Our environment is unique:
  • Train at Elevations of 5,000 to 9,500 ft
  • Largest High Altitude Room Available to the Public
  • Increased Cardiovascular Intensity
  • Increased Red Blood Cell Production
  • Challenges Your Lungs

Our approach is data-driven and individualized to your current ability:
  • Biomechanics Assessments Establish Proper Workout Posture
  • Experience Our Innovative Four-Phase Program: Foundation Hypertrophy Strength Peak
  • Improve Performance from Balance to Strength to Flexibility to Endurance
  • Semi-Private, Customized, Expertly Coached Sessions Only

Your Results are forthcoming
  • Burn 2X More Calories
  • 30 Minutes with Us Comparable to an Hour of Traditional Workout
  • Use 50 Percent More Muscles on our Self-Powered Treadmills
  • Achieve Goals Based on What’s Possible for You

Fitness. Corrective Exercises. Sports Performance

Experience Our Programs

Fit For Life


A program created just for you to increase your definition and burn three times more body fat and calories than any other fitness program in the country. Semi-private workouts created for your current fitness level will help you achieve your fitness goals, while we supplement your program with exercises just for you.

Maximum 6 Students Per Group Session
Three 50-Minute Sessions Per Week
Unlimited Open Gym Workouts
$345 per month

($29 per session/paid monthly)

Fit For Sports


In this cutting-edge sports performance program, students will achieve balance, symmetry, flexibility, strength, and more using their own body weight. You’ll use TrueForm Runner self-powered treadmills where you’ll recruit 50 percent more muscles than any other treadmill and Wattbike Pro indoor performance bikes powered by you just like an outdoor bike. You’ll complete body-weight exercises, work with free weights and bands, and do plyometric exercises, including some individualized suggestions integrated into the workout based on your personal needs. On the field, court, track or course, athletes will see dramatic improvements in running speed, endurance, agility, explosiveness, upper and lower body strength, and more!

Maximum 4 Students Per Small Group Session
Three 50-Minute Sessions Per Week
Unlimited Open Gym Workouts
$395 per month

($33 per session/paid monthly)


Meet Zig Ziegler

Zig Ziegler, The Sports Kinesiologist, leads the fitness and sports performance programs at The Peak at CERULEAN. Zig brings more than 25 years of experience as an expert kinesiologist and sports performance coach, and he is a noted fitness and sports talk show host on ESPN radio. As the Director of Kinesiology and High Altitude Training, Zig leads clients through his signature “science-based” four-phase program guaranteed to cause a breakthrough in your health, fitness or sports performance within the first 4 sessions of your 8 to 16 weeks program.


Step 1

Evaluate Your Performance
  • RunRite Walking or Running Biomechanics Assessment
  • 3D Foot Pressure Assessment

Step 2

Review Your Results
  • Eight Physical Performance Factors Affecting Movement
  • Balance . Coordination . Strength . Flexibility . Endurance . Vision . Technique . Power

Step 3

Take Action to Achieve
The Results You Deserve
  • Get Fit 4 Life
  • Get Fit 4 Competition/Sports

Schedule Your Complimentary Assessment and Exercise Session

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Training with the elite Zig Ziegler will not only increase your strength, ramp up your endurance, but will also perfect your form and physique. With Zig, you will experience the world-class altitude room which will help you reach your peak performance by training at 9,500 ft. above sea level. The altitude training along with the self-propelled treadmills will help you burn 3x as many calories in half the time. Zig trains many athletes who focus on this type of training to perfect and enhance their talent, and it will undoubtedly be a game changer for you. Zig will train you on the high-tech equipment that will measure your running efficiency to ensure your body is performing at its maximum capacity. This full-service training facility also specializes in cryotherapy to fully recover your muscles, and enhance your oxygen levels. In order to be the best, you must train with the best. Zig will take you to the next level!

Holly Brauer
Financial Fitness
Financial Advisor for women investors, athletes, and business owners

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I love working with Zig! He is extremely knowledgeable and has a true passion for helping me achieve my goals. As a result, my confidence is higher for cross country season. He has also taught me how to run strong while improving my form and stride length.  And I love training at altitude, it makes outdoor training and racing easier.

Tiaree T.
High School Cross Country Runner

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